Century Community Charter School (3)

CCCS a Century Community Charter School (3)Teachers provide lessons using multiple methods and variety of methods offering the standard reading, writing, and address using pcs (Brainpop, YouTube) and Smart Boards to improve lessons. Students work in cooperative teams, alone, and in pairs. Checks simply take the shape of polls, checks, tasks, dental studies, performance, sites, and in some instances iMovie. Continue reading

Century Community Charter School (1)

CNCS Century Community Charter School (1)Century Community Charter School (CCCS), found in Los Angeles County in Inglewood, California. It’s a college looking above and beyond what the others might be concentrating on locally. Whilst the ‘Bears’ (they have used the CAL shades and pet) try to live up to their motivation of Achievement, Academics, and Accountability they challenge students, while providing them with all the instruments necessary to have the ability to meet and usually exceed their goals. Continue reading

15 Love Estimates for Delivering Down New University Students (1)

freshman 15 Love Estimates for Delivering Down New University Students (1)Love estimates are an effective way of having your thoughts across once you are at a loss for words. Delivering your now grown kiddies off to college is among those times. It’s that point of year and parents everywhere are becoming ready to deliver of the university students, when they haven’t already. Listed below are 15 parenting estimates fit for the event. Continue reading