Home School Curriculum (2)

home school a Home School Curriculum (2)Issuance of transcripts and official documents could be an issue for many individuals undergoing a house school curriculum whenever they need to join college. In just about all states in the US, parents are permitted to supply the transcripts of the children in senior school level. It’s also suggested that students in this system precisely maintain their files. Continue reading

Home School Curriculum (1)

home school Home School Curriculum (1)If you’re hoping to get your son or daughter in to a home school program but nonetheless do not have any idea how it operates, then you might have a hard time searching for something which will fit him. Home-school plans could be acquired from both private and public schools, and frequently they currently have pre-set course packages to assist you better in selecting. But prior to making your final decision, what you first have to have a look at are your child’s abilities, interests and capabilities, and make certain that you choose something that may match them. Continue reading

Century Community Charter School (5)

cccs c Century Community Charter School (5)Concentrating on a Love and Logic technique of consequences and benefits, the college attempts to fit the crime to when student misconduct does happens, the consequence. For instance, if the scholar is caught chewing gum, they’ll need to clear the gum in the tables. They’ll have to invest time using their parent re-painting them, if they’re observed to have been writing on the toilet walls. Continue reading

Century Community Charter School (4)

cccs b Century Community Charter School (4)Century Community Charter School starts every day by having an Advisory time where students find out about such characteristics as regard, fairness, caring, citizenship, worthiness, and responsibility. Each Advisory chooses a community service project to work on for the entire year, in this way students place their traits to work within their own community. Advisory teachers guide students in creating their portfolios offering their finest work in most subjects, for every term they attend CCCS. Student achievement is reinforced by the portfolios quash ideas of grade inflation and once they affect Senior School. Continue reading

Century Community Charter School (3)

CCCS a Century Community Charter School (3)Teachers provide lessons using multiple methods and variety of methods offering the standard reading, writing, and address using pcs (Brainpop, YouTube) and Smart Boards to improve lessons. Students work in cooperative teams, alone, and in pairs. Checks simply take the shape of polls, checks, tasks, dental studies, performance, sites, and in some instances iMovie. Continue reading