California Institute of Technology Physical Environment Part (2)

California Institute of Technology 4 300x238 California Institute of Technology Physical Environment Part (2)The scientific facilities are exceptional from electron particle accelerators to the Hale telescope that supports the planetary sciences. Students at the top of their high school class are drawn to Cal Tech’s off campus research facilities in Hawaii and Peru for astrophysics and planetary sciences.

The cannon in front of Fleming house has a history of disappearing, as other technical rival colleges steal it away. It actually made a long trip to MIT. Students here take pride in this tradition. They like prankster humor—a throwback to the 1950s—when the cannon was fired for the first time to mark the end of a semester.

You won’t find groomed flower beds weaving between the functional buildings. Faculty, graduate students and undergraduates are all wrapped up in their study and discoveries; the campus energy is devoted to knowledge with little precious energy given over to maintenance.

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